Passages Outpatient Centers

Passages Outpatient Centers

Founded in 2001, Passages’ Non-12-Step holistic program has helped thousands of people successfully recover from their addictions. Rated the #1 Rehab in the World by Healthcare Global and featured by Forbes in the Top 10 Most Luxurious Places to Dry Out, Passages is revered as the gold standard in addiction treatment.

Recognizing the need for effective, personalized outpatient treatment, Passages has taken its revolutionary holistic approach and developed a world class outpatient program. When you admit into the Passages outpatient program you will receive the highest level of one-on-one treatment and customized care. Upon admission, you will be assigned your own team of holistic-minded therapists who will work with you to discover and heal the underlying causes of your addiction.

Passages has set a new industry standard for the treatment of addiction and only offers clinically sound and evidence-based treatment that has proven to effectively treat addiction. Passages obtained the highly coveted accreditation by the prestigious Joint Commission which has been given to only 6% of the country’s top treatment centers. This accreditation assures you that Passages is at the forefront of addiction treatment.

If you’re ready to end your addiction, we are ready to help you do it. Let us empower you to live the life you were always meant to live.

Passages Venice

Passages Venice

Passages Venice invites you to experience the gold standard of outpatient treatment. Our program offers personalized one-on-one sessions and a vast array of holistic modalities.

Passages Ventura

Passages Ventura

Passages Ventura offers individual care in a quiet setting close to the beach. This program, just like all of our comprehensive holistic treatment programs, is tailored just for you.

Passages Beverlywood

Passages Beverlywood

Conveniently located close to Beverly Hills, and Santa Monica, Passages' Beverlywood welcomes people who want a high level of holistic customized treatment.

Passages Outpatient Treatment

Keeping up with Passages theme of bringing you customized care that caters to your individualistic needs, we bring you the Passages chapter of outpatient treatment. As an institute that has changed lives of many people by discarding archaic therapy methods and revolutionizing the conventional approach adopted to treat our members, we will be the last people to entertain the idea that there is a set formula. We recognize that every individual has their cocktail of needs, issues and constrains.

Hence, we're continuously trying to adapt our project further according to the demands of our base. Since our CEO Pax Prentiss beat his ten year old drug addiction in Passages and his father Chris Prentiss our co-founder was there to support his son through that struggle, we know that it takes sheer amount of determination actually to quit. Allied with empathy, we try our utmost to make your journey easier. Introducing an outpatient treatment chapter is our way of doing just that

What is Outpatient Treatment?

Outpatient treatment is a unique mode of therapy that is not entirely residential, unlike inpatient treatment. In outpatient treatment, the member follows a schedule minted by their therapist. They usually visit the treatment facility for a fixed amount of time every day. After receiving your daily checkup/ treatment at the clinic, you can leave for your home and come back again the next day.

The contrast with a conventional inpatient facility is stark. While inpatient facilities are entirely residential, outpatient facilities let you go about your daily routine. Inpatient facilities demand all your time, but outpatient facilities demand just a portion of it. Another difference is regarding the costs incurred since in inpatient facilities you stay around the clock but in outpatient treatment, you just visit the clinic for an allocated period. This means that outpatient facilities cost markedly less than inpatient facilities.

However both the treatment methods have their perks. While a good inpatient facility will be able to provide you with around the clock care and necessary interaction regarding one on one therapy, outpatient treatment is an effective way of being more proactive regarding your treatment. Your commitment will be reflected by you sticking to a routine, resisting temptation on your accord and attempting to go about your routine while being brave enough to quit. You can also, with outpatient care, be among your loved ones as you set out on your journey. Inpatient care, on the other hand, will be fully residential and more of a detox refuge devoid of any form of triggers and temptations. The decision should depend on the nature and severity of your addiction, your stamina and commitment, the time at your hands and your paying capacity.

What does Outpatient Treatment Offer?

At Passages, our focus from the beginning has been on a more effective form of therapy. Our therapy package consists of a non twelve step program. Instead of group sessions we stress on providing individual care in the form of one on one therapy to our inductees and that has worked out wonderfully at our other inpatient and outpatient treatment facilities. However, outpatient facilities need to be altered slightly in order to enable a person to adapt and cope with the challenges they would face as they try to go about their routine while detoxing. This training we provide is valuable because it equips inductees with just the right tools not just to figure out their underlying issues but also go about being fully functional members of their society.

Most of the themes outpatient therapy touches upon include but are not limited to cognitive behavior therapy, strategic contingency and change management, detoxification, family therapy, motivational interviewing and another one on one activities including in-depth counseling sessions. The idea is not to take a more pragmatic approach towards the treatment by attempting to prevent relapses through channelizing the determination of a person willing to quit.

Through cognitive behavior therapy and in-depth counseling sessions, we try to answer most of our diagnostic questions. What are the behaviors that cause addiction? What are the factors in the environment that promote it? What are the deep issues that lead to a person that takes that route etc.? It is important to identify the cause and then initiate actual treatment. Motivational interviews and contingency measures attempt to encourage the user to quit. We try accomplishing that with our pampering staff offering little rewards once you achieve a milestone.

We realize how important your small victories along the line are and try to use them as motivational anchors. Family sessions are directed at reintegrating you back into your environment and making your loved ones understand the ordeal you go through. Our outpatient facility at Passages is taking the holistic therapy approach to a whole new level by teaching the inductees to cope with the hassle of everyday life.

Our outpatient facilities are ideal for you if you do not want to move into a 24/7 facility, have a routine to follow for example work or school, do not wish to leave your friends and family and want to start taking a more proactive approach towards your life. We assure you, you will feel more in control and accomplished by the end of your journey with us.

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